Let Me Introduce Myself…(cough) Sam I Am Montolla

Hi. How are you? Good? I’m glad to hear that. I don’t know but this intro seems rather appropriate so I’m addressing you, the world, with a “Hi!”. This is invigorating, I must say. I’m writing to a full spectrum of people and writing on a blank canvas. A brief description of myself: I’m a singer, a dancer, a songwriter, a freestyler, a poet, a creative writer,…a daughter, a sister, an “one day will be” mother, a cat-lover, a nose-picker hater and the list can go on and on but does it say to you who I am?

In my life, Music and Dance were and are great vehicles for my expression but, then again, I wanted to write. Blogging seems very personal but it is what I need. So, here we are!  I’m communicating with no frills and no melody. I’m writing with intention of being honest with the people I’ve met and with the people I’m meeting along my path. I’m writing to the audience that know me as Sam I Am or Princess Shayla; I’m writing to you as a person with flesh, bones, and with a heart. I am not my art solely; I express who I am through it.

My canvas is not detached from me. My canvas is “me” and I’m creating who “me” is. Some days I may be wrong, some days I may be right, a little crazy but in spite, I’m working on the greatest project and it is myself. So this blog is the inside view of my creation process, whether we be standing still or going 1000 miles a second. So please, stand still with me and let us promise each other to enjoy the fullness of our lives!

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