HIP HOP Started out in the “HEART”

With everything that breathes life, there is evolution and Hip Hop is no different. Continuing with the idea that Hip Hop represented Authenticity, Individuality, and Character, these are all fancy descriptions to mean the same thing; it came from the heart. It was conceived and from its first “beat” did it become alive with its own consciousness.

Isn’t that the pattern that life shows us every time and in everything? Sure! We must build with our hands and make footprints in the sand but if we were to cut off our limbs, our heart will continue to beat. If it was the other way around? Well, you know what happens!

Being a dancer throughout the years, I had to learn this the hard way because there is no formula to this. As the baby Hip Hop grew, we taught it to use its head and to strategize, and in other words, to disconnect. This teaching transcends to related activities,(e.g. music and dance). From that, it gives a free pass for the new generation to dismiss its origins also.

So this video is about the heart. It is where the soul of Hip Hop resides in. This isn’t about being cocky and having a “Look What I Can Do” moment. This here is showing three women “getting down” together and getting caught up in the rapture! This is about men and women encouraging each other and commemorating the Essence of where it started from.


Thank you 2M Productions for your vision, Full Course of LabNoise for editing, Junior Boogie for filming and my wonderful sidekicks: Leah McFly and Angel. Love you, guys!


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