Even The Bad Stuff Is Good

When you feel good, you feel so good but when you feel bad…Not so! “Is the world conspiring against me? Am I a target? Why God, why?!” Everyone has those days sometimes and I’m no different. If you’re a perfectionist like me then sometimes “the tumbling down” gets the best of us.

Then after my 24-48 hours of feeling sorry for myself, (which I’m not proud of), an idea pops into my head that tells me these “delays on the road” only mean one thing: A chance to grow. (For those of you who think your growth spurt finished at age 17, then you are mistaken). These “road blocks” reminds me that I am human. Being human requires you living this life to discover the complete you which entails you piecing yourself together. In the meantime, we’re finding all the holes.

I’m not perfect but sometimes its a scary thought when you can’t hold everything together, especially when in the public eye but what we should be focusing on is what’s in God’s eye. We are not meant to have “everything” together and have “everything” figured out. Something I get reminded a lot. These reminders tells me “He” is paying attention. If everything was so good all the time then would we learn to be better people inside and learn to be compassionate and empathetic to others? How would I learn that it is the spirit that exudes what I possess in my life and that is my true essence?

I’m developing and “I’m in school ’cause life’s no joke”. There are more things for me to find out and that’s OK because I can’t wait to find out who I am, (what is the definition of Sam), and what I’m turning out to be. So really, the bad things aren’t really that bad!

2 thoughts on “Even The Bad Stuff Is Good

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    1. Thank you Aiza! I know how it feels to be unsure about things and about life and wondering if we are ever good enough. Know that you are the best at being yourself. And you have soooo much to offer!

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