The EP “MADE HER” Has Definitely Made ME

It is here! It has finally arrived! It’s what I’ve been working internally for a looonnnggg time! And it’s here. Sitting on my desk, staring back at me. The more I moulded its curves, I begin to realize that I, too, was changing. I started out with just knowing how to blow notes but now they have become constructed sentences. And there you have it 6 tracks, all for your listening pleasure.

The wonderful artwork was done by Nik Brovkin (OverTheBreaks) it was how I envisioned it. And the Mastermind behind the tracks is Shash’U! If you don’t know him, he is a pillar in Montreal’s Beatmaker community and is due for some great things in the future.

So here it is. Today as my baby is now born, I’m going to spend some time with it because there is no real words that can express how I am feeling but it is always LOVE.

I’m excited, anxious, happy, relieved and whatever else, ’cause it is not a word that can really describe this feeling… But I know I’m alive!

(ONLINE release of EP will be June 18th,2014)

Video of my Single “Woman’s Curse” (directed by Stefan Verna)

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