Was This A Mistake?

This entry here is directed to the ladies but men you can read on. One of my “flaws” sometimes is being nice, and girls, you know what I mean! Have you ever given your number to someone, (particularly, to the opposite sex), where you knew, YOU KNEW wasn’t a good idea? Let me explain myself better.

You and this person have “history”. You don’t see them for years. In fact, you’ve pretty much avoided them because it ended badly and you needed to have a 1000 mile distance from them to regain your clarity. Then, without warning, you see them. You can’t run- well maybe you can and maybe that is what I should have done but then your “niceness” comes into play. They come over to you, they’re smiling, they’re saying charming things and then in a millisecond you remember why “you ever did” in the first place. Then, the dreaded “Can I have your number? I think I lost it”, is uttered. Years have gone by and what you’ve gone through should have passed and died but still you cringe. Out of niceness, you say “Suurrreee”. Now you’ve said adieu, you can’t help but ask yourself, “What have I done?”

Do people change? Does people’s perception of you change also? Or do we just keep on doing the same dance, knowing you’ll end up all the way in the back. The answer might change from situation to situation but I can tell you the final result to this story though. He did not change and his perception did not also.

Am I crazy for believing in the goodness of humanity? It’s rather sad because we always refer to others by their flaws and where they once were and we hold people to those standards, always devaluing them. We forget everyone is on a journey and they may not be at the same place where you last left them. With that attitude, we lower ourselves because why elevate if everyone is in the bottom, right? Rarely, do we see people for what they truly are. This is where being “nice” can be a strength but more than not gets taken for being “down for whatever”. And that’s unfortunate.

Are we who we say we are or are we what we do? Sometimes, I can’t help and think that women are pinned to the latter and men’s motto is “Do what I say but not what I do”.


Maybe, I’m just meeting a lot of losers and I’m not looking beyond my scope. I KNOW THERE ARE LOVING AND CARING MEN OUT THERE. Keep on loving and keep on caring!


3 thoughts on “Was This A Mistake?

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  1. For those that actually change it is important that someone believes that they can. However that is no reason to be totally naive about those things.

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