The Fire That Keeps Us

We run away from ourselves too often.
Damn it! We run from each other all the time.
Our desires are the fire that keeps us from being expired.
Neglect our desires is when we become wonderful liars.
Once realized, your future is not determined by who and what,
This is when we truly begin to live.
People will always tell you what you should be doing,
And each time we comply, a piece of us we give.
Who’s rules do we live by?
This is why we hide from each other our own desires,
Because side by side, it might not be all we conspired.
Our desires are the fire that keeps us from being liars…To ourselves.
Misled, humbleness isn’t just bowed heads.
No, flesh and bone, through Spirit alone we move ahead.
In a world of battles, standing is strength at its best.
Humbleness, you haven’t looked close enough yet.

We are in constant refinement of ourselves and in constant revelation of ourselves. Being the best doesn’t really exist because everything is in constant motion. To be someone’s best is a lot of work to live by, people’s appetites are forever changing and that pivotal moment of gliding is just that- a moment; an image we get stuck on and sometimes just lose sight of what is truly going on. We see it all the time. The sun shines on everybody. If we recognize that, it is what we call “Grace”. We are never perfect or the best. We’re learning to listen to the beat in our chest.

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