What’s The Point In Winning If You Ain’t Got Your Soul

Winning is the main objective. Winning validates us. We feel good when we hear the applause. Our hard work has paid off. Money, gifts and other things within our grasp. The morning after, you think “What now?” as you lay with tired, sore muscles from the vigorous movements you’ve put your body through. I’m here to ask, “What is YOUR point about winning in a dance battle?”

I’m referring to Street Dance culture but I’m sure this question can be applied to whatever subject you choose that has competitions as a core. I’ve asked myself plenty of times on plenty occasions and throughout have come up with plenty of answers. As your journey as a dancer progresses, your answers will too. It’s not for me to say what’s right or what’s wrong but I’m going to say that it is going to reflect your maturity and security in yourself and even question it a bit. With all of that swimming through your head, the question remains, “What’s the point of winning if you ain’t got your soul?”

What do I mean by that? Winning gives you responsibility. It’s glamorous, of course, you will enjoy it from time to time but you become more accountable. People start looking up to you for your expertise. People think you’re amazing, (yey!), you’re excited but this is a time to be gracious, to respect your peers and to respect the people that came before you. Winning battles shouldn’t give you the right to dismiss people because life runs in cycles and taking it for granted wouldn’t be the way to go. Winning doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the best. At times, it is evident. At times, it is not so much. It’s all about your mentality, keeping your focus and having everyone ride with you. Battling, a simple concept but yet so complicated, intermingling with heart, sweat and passion, not just yours but everyone involved.

Winning might give you instant fame. People sometimes get mixed up with being a winner with being a leader. These titles are not interchangeable. People who lead don’t ask to be leaders; they follow their own rhythm and have a code of respect for their peers and others. They are usually hard on themselves and are perfectionists in many ways. Leaders know that they can rise and fall, for they are humans too and that passion keeps them balanced. Leaders are not domineering; they believe  that they are like everyone else, the only thing that sets them apart is they show examples of love and passion in life in whatever activity they do. There are plenty of people who don’t win battles and still have all these amazing qualities that make them leaders.

In the end of it, we all want to win when we enter a battle- me included, there’s no exception. Through the years, I’ve learned the difference between a winner and a leader. A winner may not know how to lead, and therefore can be lost but a leader wins her/his untrodden path and she’s/he’s got soul!


Sista Sistah vs Nene and HeatRock

I chose this clip because everyone in this battle is a leader. And they are beautiful people. Enjoy the show!


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