Rewriting History- Shame On You!

We are a society that knows everything and nothing at all. We suffer at every turn with the “One Man Discovers” Syndrome, so he is proprietor of all what comes after, for example, Christopher Columbus, for us, Canadians, John Cabot. We can not help but to be off-balanced from this see-saw of truth. It’s a pattern that keeps on repeating itself in different aspects of life. Ha! Just any place where politics is alive and kicking. Where we are told to survive and thrive, is to crush the head of not just our foes but our friends, all in the name of Imperialism or in simpler terms, “I’m just doing me!” Are we hungry, people? Are we that hungry? We play wolf only when the sheep passes and the boy’s not looking. History has been rewritten time and time again, written always to paint over the one that benefits, never for the ones who are voiceless. We are not taught to uplift our ancestors, no- they are too old! They couldn’t possibly have anything to do with me? (#whothefuckamI?) As I feel only I can save the world. Wake up! To save the world isn’t to play Saviour. Understand your piece of the puzzle is a perfect match for someone else’s piece to fit. We are all part of a whole. We rewrite our past  thinking it will rewrite our future. People who only sees chronological time are short-sighted. The past is the gateway to the future; only lies can beget lies. So do over, paint over, white out whatever you want. Doesn’t it always surprise us when new life springs forth from something we thought was dead? You can apply this to many things in life; all just for the sake of a name. Don’t we all want to be Jesus Christ. What would Jesus say? What would Jesus do? People who have eyes… People who have ears… OK, I’m done ranting.



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