Make It Count

The people are tired. There is an evolution, a spark within humanity that is happening. It shows. Through the protests, the funerals, or just outright speaking out, we can’t help but feel the shift in consciousness; a scent in the air, that where there is smoke, there is a fire. We’ve been consumed and been consuming garbage; we assume it as part of our culture. We’ve been taught to believe it and in turn, believe in the people who taught it to us. Wisdom and understanding are scarce, the wise scarcer but the undertakers are making a profitable business. “This is so depressing!”, you may say and “Why must we think about it, it will just keep you down!” I say this is the alarm clock ringing. The sound is too loud to ignore.

How do we live an unaffected existence when we know Mike Brown’s killer gets off, 12-year old Tamir Rice gets shot by Police and we just live our lives as if its so far from us. These are all fear-based crimes, fearing our black males; always coined as too aggressive and shot down like wild animals. These killers are calling “Wolf!”

With this message, I can’t help but write with a tinge of anger because it won’t just go away tomorrow and it’s not only America’s problem but the whole of humanity. It will take time, maybe generations of time and effort to eradicate. It’s not one group is good and the other bad nor the one bad and the other good, but with ignorance on all parts, we play perfectly into these roles. Roles that promote a mediocre and unsatisfied existence.

I understand that when you choose to be an example of change, we always think we are entering the Lion’s Den. We must be the Outsider; the one that open’s her mouth. I won’t lie, I have that fear too. I’m thinking about it as I write this post. We all want to be seen as pleasant and not stir the pot even though the world is already stirring it. Being the change when you see injustice. It’s having compassion. There are people who will fight big and some who will fight small and that’s OK. We are taught if we don’t fight big then our effort isn’t enough and we get discouraged. We were taught in order to be a hero we must be sacrificed but if everyone had compassion whether it was displayed with a big gesture or not, then we will realize that the change is inside ourselves. There would be no need for sacrifice; we would know that we are internally connected. We may have different desires among ourselves but our purpose is to be examples of Love, no matter if we live in Canada, China or the Pacific Ocean.

This brings up the underlined point: Make It Count. Whatever you do, make it count. When we have a platform such as in education, sports, music, arts, etc., whatever it is, make it count. Everyone has a voice, a medium that touches the people around them. The people around the world have been beaten up lately. If we want change, we need to be the change that we want to see.

I was inspired by Questlove’s Instagram post, and other artists such as J Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Much respect to them.


Questlove is right, hip-hop is too silent on Ferguson and Garner post in The Grio


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  1. I was drawn to your posting by the title ‘Make it count’ and expecting a posting about who was wrong was enriched by your words, “It’s not one group is good and the other bad nor the one bad and the other good, but with ignorance on all parts”. Your point of changing by example and ‘making what one does count’ as a person or action for others to look up to should be emulated by everyone. It is way past time when we let the ignorant racist few on both sides be the only example for the youth of today and the future of our country. Thanks for a great post.

    1. I’m glad you like my post. This is a very touchy subject because of the many layers it has, and when we reveal one, there is an another, posing more questions. I do feel though we still live in a society where not every man is treated equal, and that it serves some for the masses to be ignorant. We are still living the repercussions of history past yet we are more united then we’ve ever been. These events are only the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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