A Band-Aid Does Not Take The Pain Away

In theory, we know how to act towards our fellow man. Kindness, understanding and respect is what we on the surface like to portray. In 2015, we know how to be diplomatic and socially correct so we don’t come across hateful or prejudice. I ask how much of it is a balancing act between real sentiment and just a front.

We have come a long way when it comes to racial tolerance. We can say outright what is right and what is wrong. Someone has at least one friend from another culture or skin tone, most people would be proud to admit. When specific events arise, when it comes to a specific race, do we assume automatically that all people from the group are the same or do we judge each person based on their own merits? Can we sympathize with them or do we just stereotype them in one big giant heap? One time or another we’ve been guilty of it. It might be a defensive mechanism that is on overdrive about someone who doesn’t look like us.

Magazines and programs showing different skin colours, (some more than others), is a step into the right direction, beauty shared between different faces. Selling the concept of unity but I can’t help but wonder if people behind the ads and cover pictures really believe in it or are we just selling the idea, like a Band-Aid while the system is not made for all to live equal within it.

This is not an issue that can be erased with pictures, even though we need all the positive reinforcements we can get. On T.V., we can have stories of genuine unity among peers, no doubt. We seem to forget sometimes, people don’t live like the people on the screens and these people are the vast majority. They are living any means they know how and may come from a place of scarcity. People are too busy “buying” their freedom. They don’t always have the time or energy to really see the big picture.

The condition of the people is crucial to self-growth. Knowledge is power but if we don’t apply this power, we will not be free. We are worth it. The world says we are not. Once all people have the resources to be complete living beings, love would be given freely. So why are we not being encouraged to go in that direction?

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