Those Ones

Glutton for punishment

Only see beyond while in consignment

The masses and stars may be aligned and

I’m still looking for that refine men

I’m looking to be saved from some fine men.

Those ones!

Sometimes flaunt their dividends

But when it winds down to the end

When bent down still won’t hold your hand 


Needs to be 6 feet tall 

Maybe with some dreads and

So I can drag to the mall 

And pretend

We are walking in the sand.

Sipping on Pina Coladas, isn’t life grand?

Everyday feels like the weekend 

Forget people and my baby on me depend

Think they jealous and won’t listen to my friends

Am I in denial? Well it depends

If they had something just like him,

They be tossing up the kitty, every minute they would spend.

And I’ll defend, defend, defend, defend

I’ll give him my heart but his he’ll lend

 I’ll defend, defend, defend, defend

I’ll give him my world but with his I look in.

So I run away from these wild men

Don’t want to be stuck here to this confinement

Though pleasures are sweet but love is blind friend

It take you in circles again and again,

 Please don’t take this as a trend

Let me remind you-

It’s Those Ones you have to contend.

Pull the wool over your eyes, it’s not if it is when

Now it’s over, release

 Press send.

The End

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