Hibernation Calls For Regeneration

The nights get colder and it seems like the darkness takes over most of the days. It’s kind of hard not to spend my time watching “Waking Dead” with mom. I guess we are intrigued with watching creatures more numb than us. It’s November, where most of the leaves wrestle on the ground, preparing our minds for the snowfall before us. I’m not losing sleep over this. My hibernating instincts are kicking in and I try not to give in. It is beautiful, seeing all the colors of the leaves, when bundled up, my hood barring me from the wispy wind and my eyes starting to tear, not from deep sentiment but from the air hitting my eyes viciously. This is a time we make more thought out decisions. A choice from walking in the blistering cold to get to the next party or stay at home with the homies. We start appreciating the little things because you know you have to make it last ’til April. 

I’m in a place of renewal. The falling of leaves boost my regeneration. Hibernation may be in the air but I can’t stay still. The time I sit still is because I don’t know which direction to go. 2016 is just around the corner and whatever it is, there is a neutral tension that can be used for good. And I think I should.

I want to build. I want to create. I want to grow. Be a grown up, take pride in those words. Take the future in my own hands, roll it up, throw it and see how far it goes!



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