2 Sides Of A Coin

The thing that can save you can be the same thing that can kill you. That fine line can not be crossed unless at your own risk. The world that sees mostly in white and black, it is hard to see the wonderful colors in between; its hard to perceive that one color can fuse into the other. We must make borders to separate is what we say to ourselves. It’s what is taught.

Having a much needed trip with Mommy Dearest and looking out on the blazing sunset over the Caribbean Sea, I feel so small but eternal at the same time. Only being on a big mass of water can make me feel that way. I feel cleansed. You should try it.

Hydrogen, essential for life to exist, we take for granted. It’s all around us, we drink it, we breathe it, we have it in us, and we are oblivious to it, but that same atom can make a bomb that can blow up thousands of bodies, burn up everything in sight, being hotter than the Sun. That concept is strange to the mind, because how does something that is so bad be so good? That is the magic of the world. The 2 sides of the coin where no matter which way you flip it, it’s the same coin.

This shows there is duality in everything but there is no separation from the other. Rather, each side reflects the other since for one thing to exists, the other has to exist too. To break down to the simplest form makes you realize how fragile we are and how grateful we are to be alive. The things we believe are important aren’t because if we can start or stop life by one of the smallest thing in this universe, you see that having the latest outfit doesn’t make a difference.

The marvel that is before our eyes unfortunately we don’t get to see because we are too focused on the hurt and the pain that is outside our doors or sometimes indoors. It’s a marvel that we don’t combust walking on the street. You can feel, you can cry, you can shake your head in pity but please remember the beauty in life. I say this to myself first and foremost.

This may not be the answer to all the questions but to look at life at its purest form in the physical, you understand you, the miracle for a split second. This is step one.

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