It’s Right Here

“Today, I am going to be happy. I am meant to be happy.”

“How will you do that?”, asked the woman pregnant with child.

“As long as the stars twinkle and the sunrises up each morning from the east field. So will it!”

Her belly swelled with joy and the babe did a flip.

“Tell me. Which direction is…”

“It’s right here.”


“It’s right here, wherever you are standing and wherever you will be standing. Today, tomorrow, the day after next…”, she said almost teasingly.

The Wisest who possess the powers and the keys to dimensions acquire all this to possess one thing: Happiness.

And would walk through a desert to see it in the face of a newborn.

The Wise know that they know nothing at all ’cause in innocence lies the basis of life. In innocence, we walk to show the way. And we pregnant with Spirit, we hold the bayou of Happiness.

“Sweetheart.”, she said.

“Submit to the Great Force so you can become it.”

Happy Holidays Everybody!

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