When Life Makes Sense


I tend to do a lot of thinking when I’m surrounded by family and loving people where I feel safe to just breathe. No anxiety or worries to maintain, I am still with what’s in front of me. This is when life is forever simple and sensical. There is nothing that is out of place. I can be in the passenger seat, looking out on the plains before me. I can be on mountain trail looking over to the tens of thousands of pine trees with snow dust sprinkled on them like icing sugar. I am where I need to be. These moments are fleeting. It gives us enough juice to keep going. It’s the pat on the back that says you are in the right direction. The “Uh-huh” Moment that tells you “You’re OK”.

When life makes sense, you understand Simplicity is the New Complexity. The decision to strip down and bare all, to know that it’s you that stands in your way. You are born perfect and those are fighting words. This is when life makes sense.

It occurs to me that we go around “knowing” but not really “living”, we go around “talking” but not really “doing”, but how can we really “know” without experience? And Love is an action. There is no backbone in a mere “I love you”. How we’ve all learned that the hard way.

Simplicity. It’s an art. It’s a state of mind. It’s acceptance. It’s understanding the pulse of the universe. It’s simply loving where ever you are.



Alive, you are here for a reason to do. Know thyself and let your spirit speak.


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