I Do Not Apologize

Be strong, Ladies! Do not let fear terrorize you anymore. Some say you can’t but you will. Tested, you are and you will be better for it still. What’s instilled in you is life-this is beyond measure. Without you, there is no conception. Devaluing your worth is your deception. 

There is magic when, us, women hold hands together in dance and song. It’s hard to believe that we can get along, the few places they make for us to belong is not for you. Rub shoulders and you’ll remain in the chosen few. There is strength in supporting our sisters. These women we encounter are not by chance. We cross paths, the ones that came before reminds us that we got more to go. The road is not as treacherous as we may think. “It’s not that bad, it’s not that bad. Stand up!”, she says. She pats you on your back.

They stand up, the ones that don’t care about the Nay-Sayers, and have faced the intimidation of men and surpassed. They do not apologize. I stopped proving a  long time ago, the need to prove why I exist, why I move and why I am like this. I am and that is it!

I may let you once or many times. I may be whole or shattered. I say this one last time, I do not apologize for being a woman.


(Featured Picture by Patryk Antoniewicz)


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