So Fresh & So Clean… So Do You See Me?

As an artist, you would think the spotlight is striven as the primary reason. We can post pics, tag people, showcase videos and set this flawless image of ourselves to others to see. “Ah it’s me!”, we are setting a great example, all shiny and sparkly. One of the questions that roam in my mind is “What is the point?”The answer may be obvious and clean-cut but still doesn’t stop me from asking.

I am not only an image. I put out what I want you to see.We do it for followers, we do it for fans, we do it to stay relevant, we do it to be important. And I get it. I do it too. I can’t help but feel like it’s a wheel, constantly spinning and when does it stop? Feels like high school, No? A popularity contest. Smile and act cute and get likes but does this determine success? I almost want to wear no make-up, wear baggy clothes and pass under the radar just because. ALMOST. There are days I don’t feel so hot and recoil into my cocoon. This may be one of those days. You may call it “The Push & Pull” of life.

More than a pretty face and there are prettier faces out there, (not putting myself down, I’m just keeping it real).  I wouldn’t want my face to determine my worth, artistically or not. My fingerprint is unique to me, I owe it to the “Thing” that created my hand. Always do I give gratitude. Self-criticizing, I dissect each limb and rearrange the puzzle. One arm missing, one ear gone. Why? Because its under my microscope and I’m looking for anomalies. This is bigger than me; I’m a girl who had a dream, who had a belief, and who had the will to nurture this gift.

My motivation is love. I must remember that always because I will not always be popular and not always be cool. It’s the juice that keeps me through; tried, trusted and true.

May not win every battle, may not sell-out thousands of seats, but no one can be me.


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