E Minor

E-Minor by Monk-e ft. Jai Nitai Lotus, Narcy, and Sam I Am Montolla


Hanging by my little pinky

Holding my breath, believing that would stop me from swinging,

Don’t know if it’s working.

The breeze blows so gently but can also be so rough

Humming soothes me, keeps my heart within its pace

It’s simultaneous with the gushes.

Ever since I was a baby, I was thinking maybe

What in life I’d be saving

‘Cause every time the wind blows

Depending on the direction

Keeps my head a’ spinning.


Hoping, holding something to believe in

‘Cause lack thereof will do me in.

Breathe in, exhale out

In an’ out, that’s what it’s all about,

Trying to stay in this vortex,

Without feeling like Evel Knievel,

Thinking there are reasons but maybe there’s not,

Maybe it’s beyond me bleeding,

Maybe it’s beyond my intellect, so all I can rely is on my dialect

“Don’t let me fall. Please don’t let me fall!”


Not so strange a’fruit, many on the trees,

Grasping on to what needs to be,

And we’re ripe, we RIPE!

Lose one, then there’s none at all

‘Cause I’m just like you,

Fingers crossed, I won’t drop.

To pull the chin up, to put the guard down,

Full consciousness reduced to apes

I refuse but,

How can we climb?



Album “Le Gris Imperiel” by Monk-e and Gyver Hypman



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