My Speech is Fluent

My dialect is affluent,

The vowels ring out and resound,

Lips parted and wide,

There is no obstruction

I earned my voice from the Wise.


Regurgitated a lot to keep my mouth from overflowing

To keep my throat from choking

Things that couldn’t be buried underground.

Passages of air would get in and it would surface again,

No laying down for the Resurrected.


I yearn to say praises

No clashing cymbal did anything but make noise,


A band of only clashing cymbals

Sound that wouldn’t cut a speck of sand,

North, East, West and South heard

And only does the Earth tremble.


How I yearn to sing praises,

A castle was built instead in the sand,


Can’t stand one minute in the storm.


My speech is fluent

a-e-i-o-u are free to roam

Lips are open for discussion

I earned my voice,

The work is shown in my hands.

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