Teachers and Kings

The notion of role models, idols, gurus, masters and any title of perfection piques my interest. It intrigues me because without being aware of it we look up to someone, it’s automatic. We get starry-eyed when we see an image, a person who has reached a higher level, whatever it may be. They don’t need to be religious or even spiritually in-depth but they spark our admiration and we set them to a higher standard of moral code.

We, as humans, are capable of great, amazing things. We have so much power, power that is plain to see but for whatever reason, praise only those who utilize this power…But let’s flip it. What happens when that same role model does something we don’t agree with, sins even, what do we do now? We damn them, we slam them and we stomp them out. We are so capable, we can be everything within the spectrum, it’s awesome and also so scary. We look up to the one that knows the answers, who is courage personified at the fullest extent but is he YOUR god? That same god has monsters in his closet just like you. I speak with the utmost respect; this is not defecating on their character. In fact, it makes them real; I can  see their heart. We dispose those once we find out their not-so-flattering side. Again, they are humans finding their way too. They may be more self-aware and have the force within them.

It takes courage to rise above the crowd, already makes you different from the pack. You made a conscious decision to go against the grain, to excel to excellence, matched by criticism before being considered. This should awake in us our greatness, not waiting for the person to save us. You’ll stay waiting.

“Everything I did wrongly is an experience,…to be honest and truthful in all endeavors is an experience, not a regret.” Fela Kuti

“You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has freedom.” Malcolm X

“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.” Michael Jackson

“Teachers teach and do the world good, kings just rule and most are never understood.” KRS ONE

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