No Divinity No Glory

No divinity in static things

That take up space.

There is no glory in just “being there”.

It just sucks my lungs dry

The only running is in one place.

No divinity in trying

To fit in to something that’s not.

There is no glory in conforming

To normal’s way of thought.

What sense? My essence will then be shot.

I’ve lost my sense of Home

like the honey bee.

No divinity in doing

The mundane just because.

There is no glory in those ones, the bottom feeders,

Don’t like what’s being served then out the kitchen!

Not going back to the way it was.

From the bottom to the top

‘Til you can’t get enough

Said the ocean to the drop.

Be giving to the living

It’s not the same as being alive

One life’s pace can be quickened

Wishing upon a little star

Wondering in spite hearing

Wasn’t a verse but after awhile

Adopted it and became your style

Your style, O where is it

O where is it?

Has it been jacked?

Did Jack take it? Then take it right back!

No divinity in giving up

There is no glory in “I’m sorry not today”.

No lowered-eyes find

Jewels, only worn feet

Good-bye defeat, the pearlescent crown’s displayed.

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