This Is Not Who We Are

Nothing is new, we see the same, recycled images of sick and impoverished children giving us subliminal ideas of what Africa is like. The in-between advertisements wrapped in charity between commercials on basic cable depicting dark faces with flies stuck on them, it’s just one of those things that- I know for sure there are poverty-stricken places in Africa and the African diaspora, but I get the feeling this is more about reinforcing the notion that Africa is an undeveloped and desolate land and therefore the people from there must be desolate too. 

The many of us who traveled from across the Atlantic hundreds of years ago, still to this day may be desolate and don’t really belong to a land. We look over the ocean and the notion again is reinforced. Pardon my french but I don’t ever see white faces with flies on them being advertised to be saved in European countries and I’m sure it exists. 

Although war, famine and disease reign supreme all over the world, that is not all we are as human beings. If all we see is lack, then we breathe lack, feel lack and then we lack a legacy to pass on. This is not who we are as human beings. 

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