The (Power) Struggle is Real

What is it about power that once within our grasp is so invigorating but in an instant can overwhelm us, swallowing us whole with one gulp. A vicious cycle that ends with destruction and heartache. We can envision in our minds the hero and heroine that breaks through to save the day but is there something much more evil and sinister at work? It’s invisible it seems until it’s face to face with us. We have lost it; once we grasped it, we will do anything to not let it go. 

Leaders, kings, queens, and presidents are not expunged from this. It’s a drug, it’s almost life or death and so we use all of our judgement and lack thereof. Doing some research for another project on some prominent figures that have existed through history. They have done great things but the answer is never black and white; bad things seem to happen for good things to exist. It got me thinking…Power is a powerful thing! To have power over a number of people has the potential to be dangerous. Power following influence, manipulation and overall control.

Once we have it, is it for us to control this wild beast, does it turn us into searching for submissions or does the problem lie with us from the beginning? I like to believe people start off good. We are constantly living through a power struggle in this world for our own power. When we don’t know how to get it, we try to take it from somebody else or maybe it’s the powerless that looks up to the powerful? Which ever way you prefer to look at it.

Do we give credit to where it is due? Do we expect and assume that the one in front of us knows what he/she is doing? Do we expect the same from ourselves?

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