NO! Thyself

The power of NO is never diminished and can bring joy to our daily lives. The more we grow into adulthood, the harder it is to say. This word can flow freely out of a babe’s mouth (Top 15 baby words #7), it makes you think how this might be a learnt behaviour not to say it. To accept anything, sometimes going against your own will, is what we do when we see how it effects others by the answer we make. I will say the word “NO” is an important word in more ways than one.

First off, I believe we put so much stress on ourselves that is unhealthy. You’ve heard many times how stress can kill you and part of it is taking on too many things in the schedule. I speak from experience; juggling work, teaching classes, practicing, performing, my cat, cooking…I haven’t even listed writing a blog and boyfriend. And that is my New Year Resolution, I reserve 1 day a week to do NOTHING. Well, nothing I don’t want to do. The power of NO rules supreme on this day. This centers me, I am in communion with myself and I take time with my family. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Secondly, having boundaries to protect yourself is not a bad thing. My godmother used to say “If you have a rose garden, wouldn’t you want a fence to protect it?”, it is your right to allow someone in or not. To choose is everyone’s right. Allowing people to dictate how we live ourselves is overbearing and we can never reach to their standards. We got to listen to ourselves to keep healthy and  sane. Now this goes without saying, when a girl says “NO”, she means it. Pointe Finale.

Lastly, the sound “NO” rolls so easily off the tongue that you can’t possibly not want to say it.  The first time may take sometime but it gets easier. People who can’t say “NO”, I feel don’t trust their own instincts and want to please everyone but you can’t do everything. Knowing your worth is the backbone to saying it. If not, you can easily get lost.

“NO” is important to have a healthy and fulfilled life. “NO” is the awakening of the strength and what you need to stand up for yourself. Say it as often you may need. Know your worth before you got “NO” more you to give.

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