All Be Great

We are all born to be great

Look at me and you don’t see the same

Can we rise? I’m not your equal still?

Humanity’s greatest peril

To overstand would take sheer will.

I’m tired of praying

All the songs have been sung

Death seems to be the only option

And many just waiting for it

There’s not much satisfaction

The joke’s on us and no one’s laughing

My sheer existence makes it you kill, hate, rape me of my pedigree

Trying to take that one thing from me.

Want to erase me from the land- you’ll see!

It’s not yours to give

It’s not for you that I live

You will not grow your roots off the backs of my family

Once physical but now mental slavery

Scapegoat no more will be sacrificed to the slaughter

Brain strained from too many of us being martyred.

When safety is attainable for the majority

When our physique is accepted beauty past skin deep

Is when we can all be great.


ยซWe are going through a tumultuous time. Hold on!ยป

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