What Do I Know?

What do I know? Cheesecake on my fork and before at the market I search out for organic fruit. In the air and I have a shot of vertigo, then again I don’t want to be heavy laden and weighed down on the floor. Is there a middle ground? Is the balance exactly even, not see-sawing in constant motion? I feel like all things and nothing at all, always in flux, what seems constant is night and day.

I’m walking and sometimes I don’t know where I’m going. Most of the time I don’t. I just know it’s good to exercise. So I keep on moving, I jog my memory and keep moving. I check my watch, I look left and right, it doesn’t guarantee my safety for today. I keep a cool head. What will be will be.

Only have concepts and shapes in the mind, I don’t know what to believe anymore. I want to be kind but do not want to be the mat that is by the door. To be selfless, holding on to personality, searching for identity appears to be far on the scale from one another. Borders are put up, from small, we learnt to color within the lines. Being independent is learning how to color outside of them.

What do I know? I listen to you but in listening to you, I am listening to myself. The conversation, a vacation, it takes me away to where I am hiding. Most of the time, I am hiding away on a beach. Do you remember, half the time I don’t know where I am going but doesn’t mean I don’t catch a tan and build million- dollar homes on sand? We think we speak with words. We show the person if we are carrying a honeycomb or a sword. We talk to the person not with words.

What do I know? What do I know? What I do know…Move in where happiness is my neighbor, in my sandcastle of a home, and love is my partner, that keeps the roof over our heads in the storm. Color my walls, not worrying about the lines. Take long walks where you do not worry about the time. Eat cheesecake. This is as far I have gotten. I will just start with these.


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