By The Blow Dryer I Sat Down and Wept

Hair light and smooth, spending at least an hour under the blow dryer, I decided today to spend the extra time I had on stretching out my cuticles. It’s been a longtime; my schedule does not permit me to sit by my hair power tools. I wanted to see how long my hair has grown, so after my hard labor was done and ran my fingers through my straight bangs, I was in shock. Wow! What a weird feeling? A feeling of nonrecognition, a look at my old self that I have broke away from. Since I was young,  I did all kinds of styles and back then, straight and long were prized attributes. I valued the flexibility that my hair possessed. But today, something changed. I look at myself and I no longer see the 20-something  year old, full of doubt or the young girl that soaked her hair with gel just to make sure those fly-aways didn’t make an appearance back in Elementary. Now I wonder if I am on my way to locking my hair. Something I have always admired and thought was regal but my constant indecisiveness and ability to change my hair has gotten in the way. What is this new found awareness?

Today I saw that I have grown. I have progressed from where I was. I love me and all the waves and curls in between!


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