Sam I Am Montolla, also known as Samantha Hinds, is a singer/songwriter and dancer from Montreal. Coming from a Trinidadian and Barbadian upbringing, music was always part of her life. Dancing since the age of 3 in West Indian cultural dances, ( Soca, Calypso, and Reggae ), she started Jazz ballet at the age of 5 but found her passion for Hip Hop dance at the age of 8. She has been in the Hip Hop dance group Too Small To Catch as a kid and the Elite Troupe in her teenage years choreographed by Angelo Ameur. She was a member of Outer Limits, a Hip Hop dance crew, and has worked in the first Hip Hop dance show project Retrospek from 2006 to 2010 with Alexandra “Spicey” Lande as artistic director. She is part of Imperial House of Waacking: The Canadian Chapter going by the name of Shayla and is one of the first Waackers  and Waacking teachers in the Montreal scene. She has won Bust A Move Competition 2006 2008, and 2014, Family Affair 2 2013  Le Mini RendezVous in Paris 2014, Ladies of Hip Hop NY 2014 and Step Ya Game Up 2015 in Hip Hop , Waacking and All-Styles.  She was also nominated for the GadFly Urban Dance Awards in Toronto 2015. She currently teaches  Waacking, Hip Hop and Dancehall.

            For the love of performing and music, she has always ventured into different areas of performance. She has currently been in The Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir for 6 years, and was also in the Gospel Trio called Revelation III, directed by Trevor W. Payne. There is where she got to experience music in its purest form. She has also been part of Youthworks of Black Theatre Workshop. As a singer/songwriter, her honest approach as a R&B artist, her influences can vary from Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, just to name a few. Sam I Am is working on her own creations and is a part of the Kalmunity Vibe Collective, an improvisation band which consists of various musicians, poets, and singers based in Montreal.

Sam I Am has performed in different venues in Montreal, such as, Intimate Sky, Madpoetix, the Montreal Reggae Festival 2009, Chocolate Jungle, and was featured artist on The Songwriter’s Association of Canada’s website in December 2012. She has worked with Dabridge Productions and is currently working with Shash’U (Fool’s Gold). You can view her video “Show Ya Light”. She has released her EP called “Made Her”, showcasing her growth and influences from RnB, Hip Hop and Funk. She is also featured in new mixtape by Jai Nitai Lotus called “Acknowledgement”

In her quiet moments, she has appreciation and joy for writing. From young, she has expressed herself in poetry, short story and creative writing, something that has helped her in her songwriting tremendously. She was part of L.O.V.E. (Leave Out ViolencE), in high school and has had her works published in their newspaper. Also, her works has been published in Creative Writing Works from the English School Board of Montreal in high school and the published work “Soundings 2003” at Vanier College.    

Sam’s passion is to express and creativity is her juice. She hopes to share love, passion, knowledge and keep on being inspired by the world around her.

Picture by Still 1. Check his website out: still1.com

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