Samiam Montolla in movement!

IHOW Canada at Ladies of Hip Hop Festival 2016. Choreographed by Princess Shayla (Sam I Am Montolla)

Step Ya Game Up 2015 All-Styles Semi-Finals

Step Ya Game Up 2015 All-Style Finals

Bust-A-Move 2015 Hip Hop Semi-Finals

Bust-A-Move 2015 Hip Hop Finals

C’est La Waack Vol.2 Taiwan

Can I Get A Soul Clap 2014 (Sista Sistah)

To Kendrick Lamar


Sista Sistah is a group with 2 fly ladies by the name of Leah McFly and Sam I Am. Unity, Peace, Love and Having Fun is their motto!

THE MONEY DANCE choreographed by Sam I Am Montolla. Featuring IHOW (Foxy Lou, Miss Deyva, Cherry and Duchess) and Funktreal (Apachapouli Lock, GoldyLocs), Kiki and Ja (Symbiotic Monsters). We are keeping it classy, bringing Waacking, Locking, Hip Hop and other flavours in between.

Waacking Made Me Do It: Bust A Move 2013

I’m Always Happy! Pharrell Williams HAPPY- We are from MTL

New Taipei Bboy City 2014 Judge Demo

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