Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay

Sun, beach and palm trees are a natural anti-depressant and my trip to Cali was just that. I have debt but I don’t care, at least for as long as my travel high wears off, it was worth every penny. Me and my beau rode off into the sunset, wind blowing through my fro, the bass bumping in the back seat. A summer day’s and night’s dream. A perfect way to kick off summer. I will call it “La La Land”, now that I know it exists, and it can anywhere in the world just as long stress is left behind. With great people around to enrich my life, easy to say but travelling does the body and mind good! I will advise, it may be beyond your reach, TRAVEL, whatever you can do to expand, TRAVEL and whatever you can to meet people from different lands, TRAVEL.  (more…)