The (Power) Struggle is Real

What is it about power that once within our grasp is so invigorating but in an instant can overwhelm us, swallowing us whole with one gulp. A vicious cycle that ends with destruction and heartache. We can envision in our minds the hero and heroine that breaks through to save the day but is there something much more evil and sinister at work? It’s invisible it seems until it’s face to face with us. We have lost it; once we grasped it, we will do anything to not let it go.  (more…)

Hip Hop Is Alive But Are We Feeding It?

Why did we fall in love with Hip Hop? Was the rhythmic flows of the emcees? The head-bobbing beats? The fly gear,(Adidas, Puma, Fila, just to name a few)? I’m pretty sure these all seemed very attractive but what comes to mind is: Authenticity, Individuality and Character. Looking at the innovators, (Afrika Bambaataa, Run DMC, Public Enemy and many others), these traits are prevalent. They stood for their message, they weren’t apologetic for being themselves and they did it in style, making it look so easy. They didn’t have much role models to look up to and decided to be their own role models and we say “Thank you” for paving the way. With the next generation, (yes I’m a 80’s baby), and  with the next one after, can we honestly say we have kept these 3 main principles? The subject is vast so I will try to narrow it down. While I dig for an answer, another question will pop up so in this convo, I will speak mainly on authenticity. (more…)