What Do I Know?

What do I know? Cheesecake on my fork and before at the market I search out for organic fruit. In the air and I have a shot of vertigo, then again I don’t want to be heavy laden and weighed down on the floor. Is there a middle ground? Is the balance exactly even, not see-sawing in constant motion? I feel like all things and nothing at all, always in flux, what seems constant is night and day.


Where Ever We Are In The World

This past 2 weekends has been a great example of people coming together here in Montreal. It was kicked off with Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Festival, Black Fem Art followed by The Black Film Festivaland Sayaspora : Diaspora SpeakingNot to mention, Pop Montreal for taking place for the indie music enthusiast, the events have put a lot on the table with the main message ‘The Importance of Community’. If I didn’t take part, I was blessed to witness and by the end of the night I was smiling from ear to ear. (more…)

Breaking the Ice

Monday was the day where the weekend parties passed and gone and had the time to sit and enjoy with friends and company. It was hot, first days of summer and though it was a holiday it still felt rather busy. I was relieved and grateful for a great birthday weekend and had this Victoria Monday to sit back and take it in. I met up with my father, I haven’t seen him maybe for 6 months if not more from his winter migration to Trinidad.  It was good to see him even though there isn’t much to say. You would think there is much to say after 6 months but me and my father have a relationship at times that is silent, maybe I’m guessing we find solace in just seeing the other person breathe.  (more…)