What’s The Point In Winning If You Ain’t Got Your Soul

Winning is the main objective. Winning validates us. We feel good when we hear the applause. Our hard work has paid off. Money, gifts and other things within our grasp. The morning after, you think “What now?” as you lay with tired, sore muscles from the vigorous movements you’ve put your body through. I’m here to ask, “What is YOUR point about winning in a dance battle?” (more…)

And I’m About To…

Taking a chance is probably the most scariest thing in the world. It’s like being blindfolded and then falling backwards, hoping that someone will catch you. If we do it, this is what makes us tell great stories in the end and the basis of true faith. It’s the knowing, not the hoping, not the trying not to fail but the knowing that life makes no mistakes. I’m going to Paris for week and it is going to be exhilarating! For this big competition Juste Debout with my girl Leah McFly and I don’t know what to expect. But I know there WILL be stories and things I can probably tell my children someday. You never “not” get anxious from the anticipation of the events to come but you learn to love roller coasters. And right now, I am definitely ascending. And I’m about to…SCREAM