The Apple Speaks

Working with the youth for the past 3 years has taught me one thing: I have turned into my mother. The realization was unsettling at first. What child wants to know that they turned into the person that they were seeking independence from ( a good portion of my life ) and now I say “It’s not so bad!”. Those “I told you so” googly eyes has been lodged into my DNA, unsuspected and comes out just as quietly. Now I’ve accepted it. Fight all I want, it won’t change much, it is already within me.  (more…)

This Month’s Highlight

Feeling very summery and ocean sick recently…Just found this in my camera and made me happy with all the memories spent in the sun with my mom.

Song: “Your Love Got a Hold on Me” Dennis Brown


Yes, I took a hiatus. My intention was not to leave you hanging but it was all for good reason. I needed a break and I didn’t know how much I needed it until I actually took one. In short, breaks are wonderful. As I’ve put myself on pause, I had nothing left to do but live my life. I’ll explain.

2014-08-02 17.59.17