MOVE UP: The Dream Chronicles

A new single “MOVE UP: THE DREAM CHRONICLES” is the latest from me, Sam I Am Montolla. I’m grateful to have great, creative people around me to help “my dreams” come true! Produced by Shash’U, the Creator of PWRFNK (Fool’s Gold) and the video directed by Jai Nitai Lotus, the brother like no other, who has made a mark in the city and is more than what you thought of!

You can get this single for FREE for DOWNLOAD on my Soundcloud




This Month’s Highlight

Feeling very summery and ocean sick recently…Just found this in my camera and made me happy with all the memories spent in the sun with my mom.

Song: “Your Love Got a Hold on Me” Dennis Brown

Teachers and Kings

The notion of role models, idols, gurus, masters and any title of perfection piques my interest. It intrigues me because without being aware of it we look up to someone, it’s automatic. We get starry-eyed when we see an image, a person who has reached a higher level, whatever it may be. They don’t need to be religious or even spiritually in-depth but they spark our admiration and we set them to a higher standard of moral code. (more…)

Learning How to Fly

This year I’ve been making a lot of promises to myself. Some, I thought, I couldn’t keep and some, I thought were just ridiculous but here I am, letting my mind spew out wishful thinking. I’ve been taught to only rely on oneself and that’s only a contradiction. I’ve been taught to love only yourself but to do that you need to love others. I’m awkward, you see, and I’ve been only gliding from tree to tree. At first, it was fear that was making all the choices for me, I was only taught how to survive. NOT to thrive. As a woman, we are told that we are useless after 25. If I hadn’t learned to fly, I would just drop until I seemed invisible and then I would be no longer alive. (more…)

God Bless The Child Who Got Its Freedom

Coming back has been some adjusting. I came back to people’s expectations; my “ex” job calling me to work literally in the first 20 minutes of coming back to ol’ faithful Montreal. I couldn’t help but feel a little deflated. I’m in a middle of a crossroad between the Old Me and the New where I refuse to be part of the system. Are we ever in complete control of our lives if we are to survive? I like to believe so. What would you do if you were giving 24 hours to do whatever you wanted? Why is it such a luxury? (more…)