hip hop culture

E Minor

E-Minor by Monk-e ft. Jai Nitai Lotus, Narcy, and Sam I Am Montolla


Hanging by my little pinky

Holding my breath, believing that would stop me from swinging,

Don’t know if it’s working. (more…)

Make It Count

The people are tired. There is an evolution, a spark within humanity that is happening. It shows. Through the protests, the funerals, or just outright speaking out, we can’t help but feel the shift in consciousness; a scent in the air, that where there is smoke, there is a fire. We’ve been consumed and been consuming garbage; we assume it as part of our culture. We’ve been taught to believe it and in turn, believe in the people who taught it to us. Wisdom and understanding are scarce, the wise scarcer but the undertakers are making a profitable business. “This is so depressing!”, you may say and “Why must we think about it, it will just keep you down!” I say this is the alarm clock ringing. The sound is too loud to ignore. (more…)

What’s The Point In Winning If You Ain’t Got Your Soul

Winning is the main objective. Winning validates us. We feel good when we hear the applause. Our hard work has paid off. Money, gifts and other things within our grasp. The morning after, you think “What now?” as you lay with tired, sore muscles from the vigorous movements you’ve put your body through. I’m here to ask, “What is YOUR point about winning in a dance battle?” (more…)