The Apple Speaks

Working with the youth for the past 3 years has taught me one thing: I have turned into my mother. The realization was unsettling at first. What child wants to know that they turned into the person that they were seeking independence from ( a good portion of my life ) and now I say “It’s not so bad!”. Those “I told you so” googly eyes has been lodged into my DNA, unsuspected and comes out just as quietly. Now I’ve accepted it. Fight all I want, it won’t change much, it is already within me.  (more…)

Where Ever We Are In The World

This past 2 weekends has been a great example of people coming together here in Montreal. It was kicked off with Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Festival, Black Fem Art followed by The Black Film Festivaland Sayaspora : Diaspora SpeakingNot to mention, Pop Montreal for taking place for the indie music enthusiast, the events have put a lot on the table with the main message ‘The Importance of Community’. If I didn’t take part, I was blessed to witness and by the end of the night I was smiling from ear to ear. (more…)

This Is Not Who We Are

Nothing is new, we see the same, recycled images of sick and impoverished children giving us subliminal ideas of what Africa is like. The in-between advertisements wrapped in charity between commercials on basic cable depicting dark faces with flies stuck on them, it’s just one of those things that- I know for sure there are poverty-stricken places in Africa and the African diaspora, but I get the feeling this is more about reinforcing the notion that Africa is an undeveloped and desolate land and therefore the people from there must be desolate too.  (more…)

Day By Day

These past 2 weeks I’ve been finding it hard to say what was on my mind because I couldn’t find the words to say. I started off being angry, then sad, and then little helpless. I work at a youth center and though it is very fun, playing games and connecting with the youth, you learn down the line very early that there are no just one solution to a problem and you, as the adult, do not hold all the answers. What? Me! The one that is Miss Problem Solver, who has “everything” under control , doesn’t have answers?! That’s impossible, but yes I don’t, I do admit. When you are suppose to be there as a solution to a problem, it can weigh you down when you just can’t do it. You feel like a failure. You do. And I don’t want to make this about me because really, the issue I am addressing is I do see the youth not receiving the proper tools to grow into healthy, strong adults, and when they reach that certain age of man/womanhood, you are hoping that they can survive and sustain in this big bad world by themselves. (more…)

Teachers and Kings

The notion of role models, idols, gurus, masters and any title of perfection piques my interest. It intrigues me because without being aware of it we look up to someone, it’s automatic. We get starry-eyed when we see an image, a person who has reached a higher level, whatever it may be. They don’t need to be religious or even spiritually in-depth but they spark our admiration and we set them to a higher standard of moral code. (more…)