The Meaning of “True” Conceptual Art

As I sat down at the “Origins of the Montreal Underground Music Scene 1965-1975” at Pop Montreal a couple of months back, it really opened my ears to a lot of good stories and history about Montreal. Goodness! Montreal has a lot of stories. I was definitely willing to go back into time to witness for myself. It seemed in the 60’s and 70’s, Montreal was in a whirlwind, an artists’ city- still is but back then,the world was shifting. Artists were very prominent as idealistic leaders whether or not they were physically in the fore-front of crowd lines. This term came to me: Free Art vs. Produced Art. “Free” does not mean necessarily $Free.99, it just means the free exchange of ideas; a musicians’ network as you may, where you find live music at various venues, giving to the people, musicians and spectators alike, goodness like handing out free candy. Such culture! (more…)