MOVE UP: The Dream Chronicles

A new single “MOVE UP: THE DREAM CHRONICLES” is the latest from me, Sam I Am Montolla. I’m grateful to have great, creative people around me to help “my dreams” come true! Produced by Shash’U, the Creator of PWRFNK (Fool’s Gold) and the video directed by Jai Nitai Lotus, the brother like no other, who has made a mark in the city and is more than what you thought of!

You can get this single for FREE for DOWNLOAD on my Soundcloud




This Month’s Highlight

Feeling very summery and ocean sick recently…Just found this in my camera and made me happy with all the memories spent in the sun with my mom.

Song: “Your Love Got a Hold on Me” Dennis Brown

Breaking the Ice

Monday was the day where the weekend parties passed and gone and had the time to sit and enjoy with friends and company. It was hot, first days of summer and though it was a holiday it still felt rather busy. I was relieved and grateful for a great birthday weekend and had this Victoria Monday to sit back and take it in. I met up with my father, I haven’t seen him maybe for 6 months if not more from his winter migration to Trinidad.  It was good to see him even though there isn’t much to say. You would think there is much to say after 6 months but me and my father have a relationship at times that is silent, maybe I’m guessing we find solace in just seeing the other person breathe.  (more…)

So Fresh & So Clean… So Do You See Me?

As an artist, you would think the spotlight is striven as the primary reason. We can post pics, tag people, showcase videos and set this flawless image of ourselves to others to see. “Ah it’s me!”, we are setting a great example, all shiny and sparkly. One of the questions that roam in my mind is “What is the point?”The answer may be obvious and clean-cut but still doesn’t stop me from asking. (more…)

I Do Not Apologize

Be strong, Ladies! Do not let fear terrorize you anymore. Some say you can’t but you will. Tested, you are and you will be better for it still. What’s instilled in you is life-this is beyond measure. Without you, there is no conception. Devaluing your worth is your deception.  (more…)