Where Ever We Are In The World

This past 2 weekends has been a great example of people coming together here in Montreal. It was kicked off with Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Festival, Black Fem Art followed by The Black Film Festivaland Sayaspora : Diaspora SpeakingNot to mention, Pop Montreal for taking place for the indie music enthusiast, the events have put a lot on the table with the main message ‘The Importance of Community’. If I didn’t take part, I was blessed to witness and by the end of the night I was smiling from ear to ear. (more…)

MOVE UP: The Dream Chronicles

A new single “MOVE UP: THE DREAM CHRONICLES” is the latest from me, Sam I Am Montolla. I’m grateful to have great, creative people around me to help “my dreams” come true! Produced by Shash’U, the Creator of PWRFNK (Fool’s Gold) and the video directed by Jai Nitai Lotus, the brother like no other, who has made a mark in the city and is more than what you thought of!

You can get this single for FREE for DOWNLOAD on my Soundcloud




The Meaning of “True” Conceptual Art

As I sat down at the “Origins of the Montreal Underground Music Scene 1965-1975” at Pop Montreal a couple of months back, it really opened my ears to a lot of good stories and history about Montreal. Goodness! Montreal has a lot of stories. I was definitely willing to go back into time to witness for myself. It seemed in the 60’s and 70’s, Montreal was in a whirlwind, an artists’ city- still is but back then,the world was shifting. Artists were very prominent as idealistic leaders whether or not they were physically in the fore-front of crowd lines. This term came to me: Free Art vs. Produced Art. “Free” does not mean necessarily $Free.99, it just means the free exchange of ideas; a musicians’ network as you may, where you find live music at various venues, giving to the people, musicians and spectators alike, goodness like handing out free candy. Such culture! (more…)


The moment has now ARRIVED! Show Ya Light Video from yours truly, Sam I Am Montolla.

A Big THANK YOU to Nik Brovkin, Annick MF Gold, Mariel Rosenbluth, Dangerously Elektra, Leah McFly, Ja “Jisgsaw” Britton Johnson, Erich “Mean Jean” Etienne, Cindy McAuliffe and Shash’U.

Sometimes you need a little light in your world.