“The Fire That Keeps Us”

We run away from ourselves too often.
Damn it! We run from each other all the time.
Our desires are the fire that keeps us from being expired.
Neglect our desires is when we become wonderful liars.
Once realized, your future is not determined by who and what,
This is when we truly begin to live.
People will always tell you what you should be doing,
And each time we comply, a piece of us we give.
Who’s rules do we live by?
This is why we hide from each other our own desires,
Because side by side, it might not be all we conspired.
Our desires are the fire that keeps us from being liars…To ourselves.
Misled, humbleness isn’t just bowed heads.
No, flesh and bone, through Spirit alone we move ahead.
In a world of battles, standing is strength at its best.
Humbleness, you haven’t looked close enough yet.

“30 Lessons My Years Has Brought Me”

1)When you are ready, the timing is always right.
2)We have everything we can possibly need.
3)We are all a blessing to at least one person.
4)We still hold the power to effect each other even when we leave.
5)If you can’t do something,  don’t cry. There is always someone that can help you.
6)Even when you’re small, you can still make big decisions.
7)Showing love is sometimes just watching the other person grow.
8)Our dreams are the gateway to our visions.
9)Rewards are just only that – rewards.
10)Sometimes we think we are entitled to what is a gift.
11)The tallest girl in class. Gee, awkward!
12)A girl to a young lady. What a shift!
13)To fail sure didn’t feel good but I learned.
14)Wearing white eyeliner wasn’t the most flattering thing.
15)I was taught the brain was my most cherished treasure.
16)I prayed and was answered, now I sing!
17)The world is under the horizon.
18)We are force-fed what we eat.
19)Graduated but in life starting Grade 1.
20)Sit in the eye of the storm and believe you will stay neat.
21)Love can rush through you like a Tsunami.
22)Love can completely destroy your house. Now what to do?
23)Rebuild the same foundation, is always shaky.
24)Repairing is not the same as being brand new.
26)From time to time, you can say “Fuck you!”
27)Learning to love yourself doesn’t come from walking in a rose garden.
28)The ugly at one time thought they were cute.
29)Death is inevitable. Life is a gift.
30)My soul dances and my heart sings!

So enjoy your Trix, silly rabbit!
For there is no end, only new beginnings.

 “Freedom Ticket”

How can you be illumined

Trying to keep us down?

Product of slaves

Blood been spilled on the ground


He is coming.

What is freedom when the price of it is my soul?

Priceless should be on the sales ticket

“But it is!” says the Salesman,

“Isn’t who you are priceless?”

I look down.

I don’t think I’ve chiseled at me

To be sold to the highest bidder

Or the fruits of my labour

Are not sweet but turns bitter.

The choice to be a slave for some

Is keeping them from harm

So they hum,

Embrace the shackles on the arm

And argue which “Massa” is kind on which farm.

I attentively unlink

As my newfound wisdom puts me to think

I blow everything to dust

I do not rush

This testament of mine

I am it,

     Taking it one day at a time.

                               -Samantha Hinds

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